About Us

Stephan Neese began investigating vehicular crashes in 1976 as a police officer in Schererville, Indiana.  During his 20-year career at the police department, he relied on the physical evidence as a first-responder, primary investigator, reconstructionist and instructor of the crash investigation process.  He investigated over 1000 crashes, measured hundreds of crash scenes, inspected thousands of vehicles and assisted in over 2500 crash investigations.

With that vast experience he has recognized and learned to relate the significance of road and vehicle evidence.  This unique perspective and experience has been invaluable in his reconstruction expertise. He still relies on the physical evidence and works hard in gathering the available evidence for the analysis and basis for opinions and uses the latest software and equipment available.

His Crash Investigation Training began in 1977 at the Northwestern Traffic Institute in Evanston, Illinois.  He completed all of their Reconstruction courses by 1988 and continues ongoing crash education attending various schools and seminars.  He is an ACTAR certified  reconstructionist (Accredited Commission for Accident Traffic Reconstruction) and is also certified in the Crash Data Retrieval System for download and analysis.

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