Since vehicular crash reconstruction has developed into a highly sophisticated scientific process, Neese & Associates uses the latest technology and equipment in the reconstruction process. This includes the Crash Data Retrieval System for downloading vehicle Event Data Recorders (commonly referred to as “Black Boxes”). Mapping and measuring is done with electronic measuring devices and photogrammetry processes. High quality digital photography is also used in the analysis and documentation of the crash evidence.

Our reconstruction process begins with the issue(s) you, as a client, present at our initial consultation. From there, the physical evidence is requested, gathered, and analyzed. This includes the police investigative reports and photographs, crash site inspections and measurements, vehicle inspections, scaled scene diagrams and a collision diagram. All other available documentation is also reviewed.

Once the issues are identified then the physical evidence must be properly analyzed. The issues MUST be addressed in relation to the physical evidence from the crash using sound scientific principles. If the physical evidence is massaged or improperly used, it may only serve to purport one side of the story. At Neese & Associates we base our conclusions on the physical evidence.

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