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Our reconstruction services are not limited to just automobiles. We have experience with crashes involving motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, commercial trucks, school buses, trains, suv’s and pickup trucks. This experience also includes personal injury crashes as well as fatality crashes.

Collecting evidence at the crash site is a vital part of the reconstruction process. The roadway evidence needs to be identified, documented and preserved for the complete analysis. The crash site work-up includes photography, scene measurements using laser technologies and photogrammetry, and video when requested.

The inspection of the vehicles focuses on the identification and analysis of the vehicle’s damage. Included in this analysis is measuring and photographing the vehicle for later use. Video documentation can also be utilized in the preservation process.

The Event Data Recorder in both commercial vehicles and automobiles also has valuable crash and pre-crash information once it is downloaded. The download and analysis of the download report can be used in the collision analysis. Other analyses include lamp examination for illumination issues, tire inspection, driver determination, and the occupant restraint system.

The collision study is the reconstruction process. In this analysis, scientific principles are used to determine speed, time and distance, crash avoidance and a variety of other issues. Computerized speed determinations and scaled scene diagrams are usually part of this process using some of the latest technologies available.

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